Friday, June 5, 2009

I've made the classic mistake of telling my sweet, innocent, 2 1/2 year old house cat, Pixel that he is the King of Beasts. That's just supposed to be a euphemistic term of affection, but he has obviously taken it seriously. The Doberman Pinscher that he chased today is a "stranger" being walked by a neighborhood girl. Pixel was merely extremely lucky that this particular Doberman shares a house with a cat. Now, how am I ever going to teach this overconfident King of Beasts to respect dogs?!! Click to see dirt flying behind the dog! This was a full-tilt run for life that would have looked good on the Serengeti! I fear this amazing cat may not live long, but I'm loving the way he lives!


caymanartist said...

Now that made me laugh today! Thanks for sharing!

Nice Blog Site too! I like it.

LOVE the Agouti shot too!

Simon Barwick said...

well done, C.
First class, as always.

Courtney Platt said...


As much as it worries me that he'll pick on the wrong dog some day, I have to admit that I was laughing my head off when he did it, with all of the sense of a proud Dad watching his son do something amazing. I actually sing songs of praise to Pixel daily.

Anonymous said...

very sweet! thanks for your blog address. Love the free diving shots. How deep did you go?
all the way from Lhasa, Tibet.
Martin Watson

Courtney Platt said...

Hi Martin,

Good to hear from you old friend! How's the spiritual path treating you these days?

I only go to a max of 100' on nitrox 32 while shooting the freedivers because I am constantly going up and down after each diver's attempt, for several hours.