Saturday, June 6, 2009

Destination wedding Grand Cayman

Locals Jay and Cat chose to have their destination wedding right in their own back yard, at The Reef Resort, in the remote East End of Grand Cayman.

I truly love covering small weddings like this one, in which everyone there gets a chance to actively participate in the beauty of the moment in some memorable way. I shot over 850 frames in the 4 hours allotted. That's the equivalent of 23.5 rolls of 36 exposure film! 24 rolls of film would have cost the clients $864. When I was shooting film, budgetary constraints limited how often I'd snap the shutter. As a result, it was very rare to ever shoot more than 14 rolls of film even on a humongous, 300+ guests, 12 hour wedding shoot. 14 rolls is 504 pictures, which is a lot when you consider that you are looking for the best 80 to 100 for an album! I shoot three times that number in the same time now. Yet, I get far more than three times the number of "winners" as a result of experience and the many new tricks that come with digital capture. It all means that every frame in the final, edited album will be wonderful. There are even far more important advantages of shooting digital vs film than frame counts at weddings as well as in all manner of a working photographer's situations. Some are real dreams come true for the experienced shooter. I'll try to point them out in future blog editions. Enjoy!

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