Saturday, November 24, 2012

Now and Then Print Exhibit

OK Gang,

My Print exhibit, "Now & Then" has been up at the National Gallery in the main floor show space since 11 October and the last day to see it will be 11 December, so put it in your calendar under "must do" ASAP.  According to the Gallery this show has had more foot traffic to date than any other in the history of the gallery.  Wow!  This was designed to be a time machine, utilizing archival images from the 1950's, reshot from the same position today and blended in Photoshop to reveal a sense of change and the passage of time.  I think it worked.  Here is a sneak peak in small snap shots, but of course, you will only be able to properly appreciate the large prints in person, so go on down soon!  Viewing hours are:  Monday thru Friday 10AM to 5PM and Saturday from 10AM to 3PM.  Enjoy!  Comments welcome.

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