Saturday, May 22, 2010

Destination Cayman Wedding

Daniel and Kristin used family connections to access a Grand Cayman mega-home at which to base their backyard marina view destination wedding.  This sunset portrait was made on the back of a Red Sail Watersports catamaran cruise with service to the house.  I could tell by the bride and groom's ebullience when I delivered their images tonight, that they all were having a great time, basking in each other's love and in Cayman's sun.  Copy and paste these links to her wedding blog if you'd like to see what she has to say.  She was clearly excited to have me shoot her wedding!  Keep a watch for her reaction to the pictures once she finishes going through all 1,100 of them!

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Miss Kriss said...

You're right - I definitely have NO CLUE how I am going to pick from all 1100 photos! Courtney Platt, you are amazing!