Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Family Portraits on Seven Mile Beach

I just had a wonderful location portrait shoot with a family of four on Seven Mile Beach. The 3 year old girl was the normal tough one if we tried for a pose, but created delightful surprises that could never be choreographed. The second image is a splice of two frames, using layers and masks in Photoshop to blend two faces from one frame into another... magic!


Jen O'Daniel said...

Hi Courtney - It is the pregnant mother of the two-year-old from Kristin and Daniel's May 15th wedding, and I must say that I'm so impressed with this Photoshop blend on this blog post! That program is amazing, and I wish that all photographers were skilled enough to do such a blend. Nice work. I love looking at your work (both from Kristin and Dan's wedding and elsewhere!) The underwater photos are just amazing!

Courtney Platt said...

Thanks Jen,

It often amazes me too, the wonderful things that Photoshop enables us to do if we take the time to learn it's tools and dream of ways to utilize them!