Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Performance Freedive Team/clinic

Kirk Krack and Mandy Cruickshank are in Grand Cayman again for their annual shot at new records and freediving clinic. It is always awesome to watch the world record holders in this insanely gutsy, physically and mentally challenging sport stretch the envelope yet again. The depths and times they are achieving these days boggles the mind, but these are the best of the best.

Today was a gloriously glassy day out on the water. Because they dive deeper than the deepest coral reefs grow, the guide line apparatus drifts in open pelagic waters about 6 miles offshore in water over 6,000 feet deep. Hmmm, no sharks today... that's odd.

This was just a little play, blowing air rings at the end of the day. Kirk blew a ring through another ring while Carol actually swam through one of her rings as it rose.


Anonymous said...

free diving clinic, i'd love one. took an afternoon lesson from Pipin Ferreras in his heyday and loved it. great pictures.

Jonathan said...

Cool pics Courtney! Cheers, Jonathan

Jen O'Daniel said...

Love these! Awesome leading lines in that first photograph... and the rings are just fun. It must be amazing to watch these free divers.